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  • 25m  of 20mm wide Grip-Tie velcro tape with a wide range of application including tidying Data cables in place of cable-ties, Fashion, Interior design applications, and much more.
  • The tape acts as a touch fastener, with hooks on one side that adhere to the loops on the opposite side.
  • Double sided, the fit can be readily adjusted as needed.
  • 25m reels for easy manageability and cuttable to the required length on site.
  • Velcro fasteners can be re-opened to add or remove cables with zero fuss.
  • The material requires little maintenance and maintains its effectiveness for a long period of time and throughout multiple uses. Cost-effective, efficient and reduces waste.


Velcro Tape Roll 25m

₦19,999.00 Regular Price
₦14,999.00Sale Price

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